For Sale/Sold/Pended Graph: This graph specifically highlights the change in the supply and demand of our marketplace.

The For Sale numbers are the snapshot of the number of property for sale at the end of the month.

The Pended numbers represent the number of properties that went into the "pending" status in that month.

The Sold numbers represent the number of properties that are sold on a particular month.

Sale Price vs. List Price and Average Days on Market Graph:

The Sold/List Diff. % represents the percentage difference between sold price and list price of sold properties. The DOM stands for days on the market – how long a property is on the market. It generally is between the day the property is listed and the day it becomes off market (for example, when it becomes pended).


Months of Inventory Graph:

MOI based on Closed Sales = the number of properties for sale divided by the number of properties sold. Meaning, if no other listings became available, it would take this amount of time to sell everything currently listed.